Friday, March 14, 2008

shedding light on another rumor i've been spreading

so i've been telling folks about this radio show i'm going to do beginning in april. well, it's true: "the kim west radio cycling show" begins at 600 pm sunday, april 20, on des moines station kxno, 1460 am. it's a sports talk show, and each week i'll cover the latest in local, regional, national and international racing, complete with on-air conversations with winners and such. guests will include racers you'll know from iowa, the nation, and even from the international peloton, and in true talk-radio fashion, you'll be able to call in and talk, ask questions, disagree with me, challenge the guests, whatever. but more than racing, i'll have guests with interests and involvements with all phases of the bicycle world: frame builders, trail planners and builders, city planners, race promoters, team directors, fitness advisors and exercise physiologists. even a certain well-known former olympic cyclist lawyer with an interest in--and a book about--the bicyclist and the law, will be on my show on a regular basis to answer your questions. i'll have shows where the topic is "law enforcement, prosecutors, and the injured bicyclist." i'll have shows where the guests are cyclists who have cheated death while the motorists who stuck them have avoided prosecution. we'll have on state lawmakers, trying to explain the bills they introduce attempting to limit where we can ride our bikes. i'll talk with county supervisors and others about why they can't afford to maintain safe county roads. and you will be able to talk with them, too.
and there will be so much more. i'll preview upcoming races, discuss and handicap the iowa cup series, do features of teams from around the state. the show will be live, on the air, over much of the state of iowa, but you'll also be able to listen live on the internet. the shows will also be available as podcasts to download for your anytime listening pleasure. in addition to the radio show, there will be extras available on "today's sermonette"--video interviews of many folks who didn't make it onto the air, or the full interviews of featured guests for which we sometimes just won't have time. we'll have a forum where the inevitable discussion or two can continue. i'll have far-flung radio cycling show reporters, both stateside and abroad, and i will be traveling to many exotic locations myself to get the poop on what's happening. i'm really very excited about this opportunity to talk about the longest-lasting passion in my life, and to have the opportunity to share with you the passions of others. and won't THAT be fun?
soooo, if you want to learn, just tune in. but if you want to share your passions, contact me--either in the comments section below, or at, and give me the skinny, and i'll get you penciled in. and i'm serious: if it's about bikes, i probably can--and probably will--talk with you about it on the air. it's that easy:
tune in, turn on, and talk up.


Anonymous said...

kim is this sacastic bs or, you really going to try and do this

Sandy Underpants said...

congrats rev

the mostly reverend said...

dear anonymous--
i SAID it was true...gosh.
when i showed my xrays [hard to fake those], people doubted me.
where's your faith in fellow man?
sandy underpants--a dear friend whom i've never met--HE believes me.
but you, mr. anonymous, you KNOW me. oh, it's gonna happen. i'm going to be a part of rupert murdoch's media empire.
you know how the hippies used to say "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem"??
well, fuck it. i'm going to be part of the problem--talk radio, her i come.
launch date: april 20.

tune in, boys and girls.
you might just wind up on the radio.

NB in CA said...


Q1. Are we going to be able to receive this monumental broadcast in California? Free streaming on the Net?

Q2. Is LA going to be the first guest that we can call in and "chat" to?

the mostly reverend said...

yup. live streaming so y'all can join in by phone or email.
lance? nah, not the first show. i don't think i'll be able to squeeze him in, but i WILL take a call from you!

spread the word about the show; i hope to have guests from california in the coming weeks.

and thanks!!