Saturday, March 22, 2008

blogging against theocracy

as i continue the weekend's readings--and they are countless and massive--i realize that i am not surprised, and i am elated, to see the beauty of the posts that so many of my blogging compadres have shared. right now, i'm in the midst of a wonderful post by tengrain, at mock, paper, scissors. just reading these is no light undertaking, yet it is quite worthwhile, and i urge you all to do this, to see how passionately is felt the necessity of returning to the true spirit of the founders' call for the separation of church and state, and how insidious the intrusion of relgion has become over the last twenty years or more.
regular readers of the comments section of today's sermonette know how i feel--and how some of my readers feel--about religion. but this weekend's observations are not about religion, per se. rather, it is an attempt to direct attention and discussion to how injecting one's religious views and beliefs into the governmental process is harmful to everyone's right to believe and observe whatever they want.
consistent with my feeling that learning can come only from listening, i urge all of you to go to mock, paper, scissors or to blog against theocracy as launching points. read their posts and then follow to just one link more. read, comment, and then reflect.
[this is good stuff, and it can be done as you follow milan-sanremo.]

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Tengrain said...

Thank you for helping to get the word out, Mostly Reverend - the posts this year are exceptional!

Best regards,