Saturday, March 22, 2008

three years dust test [bonus easter tips]

bike kollective update:

1--work continues behind the scenes. we have been showing various skilled and expertised people through our space on grand avenue, and final plans continue to take shape.
we are hoping to have construction completed the first part of next week, after which we will have real and usable bathroom facilities. the phone is installed, but inasmuch as no one is there to answer on any sort of basis, we aren't disclosing the number at this time.
2--we WILL be announcing another work day, at which time we'll ask you to come down and either help assemble work benches or paint the walls.
3--in the coming days, we will be announcing other swell opportunities for you and others to help out in a financial manner.
4--in the meantime, with spring cleaning upon us, look around your house to see if you happen to have any bikes--or bike parts--that have three years or more dust on them.
if you do, chances are you could donate them to the kollective and not miss them.
but with gas prices on the rise, there's no reason to come down with a mostly empty car: have your NEIGHBORS take the three years dust test, and offer to bring THEIR dusty old bikes and parts downtown for them.
trust me: i'll let you know when to bring them down. be smart, and start doing your leg work today.
5--t-shirts: most of you have picked them up. thanks. some of you have not. they are sitting in a nice, neat stack at t-shirt graphix at 3629 beaver avenue. call them at 274-0900. when they're gone, they're gone, although they're not gone yet. jen and ed tell me they might have found a couple extra unclaimed tees.
6--thanks, and ride those old bikes today--and tomorrow.

happy easter or whatever. my personal easter egg tip: eat all your chocolate in one sitting. you know you want to, and this way, it will be out of the way, and no longer able to pose a threat to you.

it worked for my girl scout cookies.

this lab knows how to eat the easter bunny

as usual, o'reilly has closed his eyes to the truth.

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