Wednesday, March 19, 2008

five years on: when will the shock wear off?

the question: how much has this helped?
but it didn't help her.
what the hell is this?
it didn't help her.
are you better off than you were five years ago?
3,990 americans dead; $503,000,000,000+ and counting.
republicans think mccain is better to handle this? they would.


Pete Basso said...

Kim, once again I see it from another angle. The people you should be blaming for the expense of the war is the Dems. Had the wussified liberal left wingers allowed the military to do their job the way they were trained this war would've been over years ago. Instead the dems demanded that we drop kisses and hugs rather than bombs. The prisoner in Gitmo get better treatment then our own soldiers do and we're still trying to "understand" the terrorists instead of wiping them out. We don't want to offend those who want to kill us do we? This country has become so divided that we have become our own worst enemy.

On a separate note, glad to see your back out riding, it was good to see you last night.

the mostly reverend said...

thank you for noticing my different angle. yes, i was looking at it from the perspective of the innocent iraqi citizens whose way of life was taken from the fire of saddam to the frying pan of shock and awe.

you think the wussie democrats are to blame? well, while i agree that most of the congress was willingly sold a bill of goods from a lying bush, cheney and rumsfeld, not all of democrats--me, for example--believed a word of what those lying snakes said.

but it might interest you to read what these generals have to say about the way your republican leaders [ie, bush, cheney and rumsfeld] wanted them to wage this war:,9171,1181629,00.html

it's interesting that you are comparing gitmo detainess and soldiers; usually it is them and american jail inmates.

but to pursue your comparison, while gitmo detainees are denied the advice of and useful access to counsel and the right to review charges and evidence against them, including even what the accusations are, americans who are fighting the war are assured representation and advice of counsel, and more, since many of the things they are charged with either are relatively quickly investigated and disposed of, or don't even get reported in the first place. the american government has military personnel who go around and pay iraqi civilians for the deaths and injuries the military misdeeds have caused.

you note the division that has grown in the country over the last few years: ironic, coming from the uniter, the decider, the "not divider."

yes, it is good to be back on the bike.

Anonymous said...

Common Pete.

Blaming this on the “wussified liberals.”

Really? I trust you are joking, but just in case ...

It's well documented that numerous strategic military experts outlined what our troops would need to be successful if we went to Iraq. The Bush administration listened to nearly nothing they said and pushed for war anyway, under false pretenses.

I don’t think Iraq has received any kisses and hugs from the US either.

As a matter fact, 89,000+ Iraqi’s have died, most of which have been civilians. We lost around 2,752 on 9/11.

Maybe we should kill more innocent civilians so they know we mean business!

I mean, we should quit being such liberal pussies right?

I’m sure we’ll get that opportunity for the next 5 years while our next president tries their best to get out (the opposite if McCain is elected).

I agree we have become a divided nation.

Those with their eyes open and those with their eyes closed.

Hold your government accountable and remember, they are supposed to work for us.

As for Kim’s question of whether anything has gotten better … it cost me $50 to fill up my car this morning, the economy is tanking and we are experiencing Vietnam 2.

So yes, I feel much better!(wink, wink)

Abre los ojos.