Monday, March 24, 2008

euro report: zuiderkempen pijl [gp wilfried peeters]

[photos from the 2007 edition--note the 2006 team jj-like kits in the peloton!]

dear mostly reverend:
Here's the race report. What a great day for a bike race! Sunny skies and a little cold, but it was a good day nonetheless. 150 kilometers of 13k local laps, which suited us well since we don't have the luxury of having trained on these roads since we were little. It was completly flat and fast, I think we averaged almost 47k an hour!
The race started well for me: I followed a couple moves and the legs felt alright. However, as the race progressed, I became either a little tired or afraid, after having crashed last weekend. Unfortunatly, 70 percent of my race was spent as pack fodder. But, after eating a little more and getting two bottles of hot honey tea, I was feeling much better. With two laps to go, I started to move up, and 10k from the finish I was in the top 20 of the peloton.
The last 10k was fun, lots of shuffling around in the group, but I fought to maintain my spot. Going into the last corner, I shot up the inside, only to have to brake hard as the few guys in front of me cut me off. I sprinted hard coming out of the corner and finished maybe top 30 for the day.
I wish I would have had more energy in the middle of the race to help my teammates out a little more, but the fitness is still coming, I hope. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit my girlfriend in Hamburg for awhile. Hopefully, I can get some decent training in up there and come back really fit.
--andy c

official results: andy finished 46th overall, 3d american finisher,

[thanks, dave]

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