Saturday, March 08, 2008

t-shirts! get your red hot t-shirts here!

[click on image to see them bigger]
you're seeing them here first, folks, and have i got news for you! yup, that's right, you can STILL get your hands on one [or more] of these soon-to-be very cool t-shirts, hailing the arrival of the des moines bike kollective in april, 2008.
$20, folks.
and sizes? we got your sizes right here:
men's--s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl; women's--s, m, l, xl; kids in s, m, l
$ $ $ $ $ $ $

stumped what to get the kiddies instead of chocolate bunnies and candied eggs for easter morning?

and while you're looking for alternative goodies, for mom and dad: how about a road bike that tips the scales at 3.3 kg??

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Z said...

Welecome to Mc Donands... Would You Like a Happy M m m meal?

That was speedy! *lol*