Saturday, March 15, 2008

for the love of grid, HELP THEM, please!!!

i have some very good friends who, at this moment, are believed to be in west texas riding bikes during what is called "hell week" although, frankly, i suspect that is a bit of a redundent term since, after all, it is texas. but politics and social graces aside, this is a message of concern on behalf of my friends, some of who are from indiana and therefore are per se cause for concern. i received the photo at right--recall, texas--with the cryptic message attached: wywh! is there anyone out there among my dear readers who speaks--or understands--"texglish" well enough to know what the hell wywh! means? it would appear that a giant horned armadillo may have dragged off the body and has returned for desert. and knowing the owner of this bike, that's one hell of a strong armadillo. i hope brendon's safe, and just drinking somewhere. these damned orphans never think to just call...


Anonymous said...

Could it be "wish you were here"?

the mostly reverend said...

no, no. that can't possibly be. why would they want me to be in the midst of these giant, killer, long-horned armadillos?
my friends love me way too much for that...i think.

no, really, i think it's like they're screaming "Wee whoo!" which is a unversal sign of distress caused by a shortage of fresh citrus juice.