Monday, March 17, 2008

the power of an image

LONG ISLAND, N.Y.—Migratory potato pickers, 1960.
© Eve Arnold / Magnum Photos
every now and then i come across an image that makes me stop cold: years old, i was. living in lily-white small-town iowa. my grandparents subscribed to look and life magazines, and it seems now that every issue, an image would grab the attention of this little kid, and never let go.
a few years ago, i bought a volkswagen convertible-full of old look and life magazines, and when i venture upstairs, i can hear that stack of magazines beckoning. when i give in, i am transported to those times; certainly not simpler times, by any measure. but many of the questions i asked myself and others then remain unanswered to this day.
and i hope my grandchildren get as much out of those old magazines as i did.

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