Wednesday, October 31, 2007

coffee lovers go ape over art

azy, great ape trust playmate of the month
earlier, i posted a story about the current art exhibit at zanzibar's coffee adventure, 2723 ingersoll avenue, des moines. i mentioned that the paintings were selling quite rapidly. well, truth be told, they all sold, within three days--and raised $10,000 for the great ape trust. for more details, read here.
to view the sixteen paintings on display until november 25, click here.
to help, click here.
but by all means, go to zanzibar's and check out these paintings for yourself. they really are quite remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Hello again Mister Mystery West! I come to your weblog this spookiest of days not for poetic banter or happenstance ridicule but with suggestion to you that is not for you.

Or is it?

This Zanzibars Coffee Trampoline that you mention is located in Des Moines city proper if my memory has not failed me and I, being in Iowa City, have long remembered the warm and fragrant internal embrace of its lovingly prepared lattes that I so rarely get to enjoy.

Now, cutting to the chase, you are probably aware that Zanzibar coffee is available in Iowa City and though it be in a rawer form than what I so fondly remember from those bygone days of youth it still makes me smile to see it proudly displayed amongst Iowa City's local roasters fine products.

This then, at long and last, is the chase. Are you ready?

The Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure label makes no mention of Des Moines or independence or regionally roasted or any of that sort of marketing stuff. I think it should. Maybe you could mention it to Julie?

The end.


ps: happy to hear that the art exhibit went well and money was raised!

Anonymous said...

Van Gogh must be turning over in his grave, made easier with one less ear to catch on his casket. He sold a grand total one painting in his lifetime. A bunch of oversized monkeys haul in 10 grand slopping paint on a canvas in a most unoriginal way. They ought to spike their water bottles with some Absinthe and see what these chimpangoghs can really do. Starry Night in the jungle?
For me personally I'll start to worry when they start caricaturing Hillary Clinton and George Bush.

the mostly reverend said...

or when they get a blog showing them painting.
now THAT'S a sweet deal!

recall, van gogh [and by the way, i have his ear in a drawer at the orphanage, thankyouverymuch, g pickle] was not, to my knowledge, kept in a jungle-like prison, fed only bananas and purina monkey chow.

and g pickle, the beans of which you speak, they are shipped in large [15 pound] plastic bags [packed fresh and JUST-roasted, still warm, i might add] to the retail outlets in the old capitol city area where they repackage the beans, for resale.
i think new pi retained the display rights. i will check on it when i am in town for the jingle cross series, at which time i will be driving the famous coffee bus, dispensing in liquid form the very bean you love so much.

thanks for reading, and posting, you two.

the "il pirata" is just one of a series of food art that will soon be on display at zanzibar's in the coming months. the subject of the series [i can tell you two, since no one else ever reads the comments here] is "things i eat in the morning."
it could be somewhat surprising, humorous, and a wee bit controversy-tinged.
or not.
you never know.