Friday, October 26, 2007

an ode to lance

Oh, sweet Lance
you running, biking man
you thrill my little heart
as I'm your biggest fan
you went and got some cancer
and got better oh so soon
then won the tour de france
blazin' through like a typhoon

you then divorced your wife
who was always there for you
Soon you dumped that other girl
you must not pity any foo'
you sold your soul to nike
I once had so much faith in you but now?
Well, fuck you, Lance.
[NOTE: these kinds words were sent to me from a faithful reader, who received them from a friend who is [or used to be] in charge of the 10//2 website and who does all the marketing for Nike.]
we at the orphanage and today's sermonette wish him well in his future endeavours.


bryan said...

so Lance uses and endorses the product, but the guy who markets it (shoves it down people's throats?) isn't a corporate whore? how does that work?

the mostly reverend said...

i'm thinking that the author had some other issues with lance, but i'm only speculating.

i DO rather enjoy the photo of sheryl with john mayer.
she is such a talented musician; i don't know WHAT she's doing parading around like that with that hack.

but that's just me, and another of my opinions...