Friday, October 12, 2007

cool old bike for sale

[sorry for the crass commercialism,
but the orphans wanted to give it a try ]

how it measures up: ~21" seat tube, standover height ~30"

this is a very sweet, old "statesman" single speed, with a coaster brake. complete with fenders, chainguard, handlebars and grips. what's the significance of this? NO cable guides. very clean frame, long rear dropouts, this is a perfect city cruiser, with wonderful potential for a fixed gear conversion. comes with 26" wheels, with plenty of room for 700c wheels, or even cross/knobbies. has a removable kickstand, but i kind of like it.

$25.00, and no one gets hurt.


Anonymous said...

I'll buy it Kim.

Ryan L

the mostly reverend said...

contact me at

coolie schmoolie! the orphans can have popcorn tonight while they watch "the ten commandments"--it's a friday night tradition here to watch charlton heston films during the month of october.

november is charles bronson month.

Anonymous said...

bring it to the cross race tomorrow and I'll take it off your hands. (Jeff Barnes)

Lou Waugaman said...

December - Charles Nelson Rielly month.
January - Charley Brown
February - Charles Manson
March - Chuck Norris
April - Charley Sheen
May - Charliese Therone (my personal fav)

the mostly reverend said...

she's MY kind of monster!