Thursday, October 18, 2007

share your gravel with friends

as we do from time to time, johnny adamson and i were exchanging emails about rides. they usually consist of me telling him to get his ass down here to ride, and he'll reply that i need to get my ass up there. "my ride's better than your ride" kind of stuff.
well, after tuesday night's wonderful ride [check the g-spot for departure details] i wrote to john after he said "bring on the gravel." i told him all about the wonderful roads, the killer hills that magellan, our navigator claims meet and exceed 9% [and we haven't hit the steep one yet!], and that we all talked about food the last 20 miles. i made a bee-line to aguilara real afterward for chips, salsa and a giant marguerita.
he wrote back:
We do Friday Night Lights - - come on up.
No salsa, but we usually stop for Little Debbie somewhere along the line.
and sent these photos.

full moon gravel--it really doesn't get better than that!

but this looks pretty cool, too, doesn't it?

so here's the deal: send me details and photos about YOUR nighttime gravel rides. i'll post them, and maybe we can get some gravel ride sharing going on. tuesday night, we started with eight riders, and only lost lippold. the week before, we started with about 20 riders, and had about half turn off early. the threat of rain must have frightened most of the regulars away. rumor has it that some, like pete, were indecisive about which bike to ride. HINT: two wheels; fenders optional but nice.

send your photos and text to the reverend at

and ride those back roads.


Dave said...

To set the record straight, I chose an other route that was safer for my light weight wheel that I had to ride since the wheel I was planning to ride literally blew up 30 feet into the ride.

S.Fuller said...

Nice photos Kim. I plan on joining you next week assuming that something work related doesn't come up

the mostly reverend said...

those photos were from adamson's rides.
once you ride with us, you'll realize that no one in our group is clever enough to think to bring a camera.
hell, we're lucky to have enough tubes, levers, and air [pump or cartridge, either one].
we don't believe in maps, but we DO believe in magellan [really? 9%?]

S.Fuller said...

Clever enough, or dumb enough? After seeing spookycross photos from last weekend, I think I'll leave the camera at home, or at least vacuum seal it.
A 9% gravel grade would impress me.

the mostly reverend said...

hell, it's all a matter of where you put your ass.
it's all just riding, right, johnny?