Friday, October 12, 2007

county leaders go shopping

supplies in western iowa are drying up!

nervous boards of supervisors are doing more than biting their nails.
perhaps a leisurely bike ride would help them relax...


Janet G. said...

Rev, seems to me it wouldn't have taken but a couple hours two days before the ride's arrival to drive the route and drop some road-filler (whatever) where needed. Register says they said they only maintain the road to the standard of automobiles... this doesn't bode well for motorcyclists either. Cheap b*st*rds.

Neve_r_est said...

No good will come from this.


the mostly reverend said...

duffy could make some interesting cartoons from this, no?

Anonymous said...

It comes down to an inexperienced rider bombing down hills at speeds that he could not handle. Riders that saw him a few hills earlier state that he was going at least 40 mph. Add that to a center seam, not crack, mix in an inexperienced rider on a new bike and you have the perfect recipe for a self made accident.
The towns in Crawford County were blindsided by the decision of the County Board. There have been rumblings from only one other county, that's it.
The amazing thing about the case is that his wife brought his bike to the end of the ride to dip the tire in the river.
We miss out on a few good pass-through towns, but only one overnight, that being Dennison. A little Crawford County trivia: when we went through Crawford County in 2006 one town didn't want to do the work of setting up food or entertainment and did not really want us to stop. That town was Kiron. Any idea who hails from said town?

the mostly reverend said...

dick cheney?

the mostly reverend said...

it's true, brian, that speed kiils.

people always said bad things about those evil "drag lines" too, but they can be dangerous in the wrong hands whether it's ragbrai or not.

i'm saddened that the county--whose only actual exposure is the $5000 deductible--is now setting itself up to all sorts or claims.
i hope we flood the cities in towns of that county with bikes all year round. i think i'll go with dome friends for a gravel ride around crawford county later this winter. nothing organized, mind you, just a coincidental meeting of bikes, or something.

see ya on the road, duff!