Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a message from jack carter

Almost 30 years ago, Birch Bayh and Mo Udall were considered the favorites for the Democratic Party nomination for President. With Iowa three months away, I recall many pundits asking which of these two candidates would survive to face Gerald Ford in the general election.
But Iowans went to their caucuses anyway. And come caucus day, the media prognostications of the previous few months were irrelevant. The hyperbole surrounding the campaigns was inconsequential. It was caucus day, and Iowans were not going to be told what to do -
- they were going to choose for themselves.
They chose a little-known Governor from Georgia, my father, Jimmy Carter. Dad's surprising showing in the caucuses catapulted him from long-shot to the White House. And it was all because of people like you.
Now, I am watching history repeat itself. A couple of candidates for the Democratic Party have raised incredible sums of money. The national media is ready to call the election. The pundits say the front-runners are already running general election campaigns.
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and make history repeat itself.
Yet we are still months away from the caucuses.
The media doesn't pick the President.
The pundits don't get to decide the Democratic Party nominee.
Iowans will make that choice for themselves, just as they did in 1976. And I believe that Iowans will pick Joe Biden for President.
I have known Joe for more than 30 years. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and charming. He projects serious proposals into the debate on the many issues that are critical to the world today.
I am proud to support a candidate who can win in 2008. I am proud to support a candidate who does not suffer from lack of experience or from high negatives. Most of all, I am proud to support a great person, a great supporter of my father's, and a true friend.
You may have noticed that, while Joe has less money on hand than some of the other candidates, the momentum is beginning to turn in Joe's direction. Many Iowans who have met with all the candidates are rushing to endorse Joe Biden. The other candidates are practically falling all over each other to endorse Joe's plan for Iraq.
We can keep the momentum going.
Joe needs to raise $500,000 by November 16
so that he can continue his march to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Will you join us?
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With your help, Iowa in 2008 will once again surprise the nation and launch a great man to the White House.
Thank you,
Jack Carter, Nevada
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