Monday, October 15, 2007

things i shouldn't do

. . . . .
okay, so i "survived" another season of racing without too many broken bones, the weather is turning cooler, it's getting dark earlier, i've got three dogs demanding my time, my daughter has provided me with yet another diversion, um, grandchild, and it's time to hit the weightroom hard again.
let's does that leave the "time available" category?
well, given all my mis-steps this last year, i missed nearly 100 days of riding and training from october through september, and yet i was still pretty happy with my riding, when it was going well.
the resolutions for next year include racing more at the cat 1/2 level, and less at the 30+ level, so that means i'm going to try to spend fewer days in the hospital, and less time "on the mend."
that's a good idea, right?
i want to increase the number of days i spend training.
that's good, right?
the dogs are getting a little older,
the puppy won't be so much a puppy soon,
and that's good, right?
so basically, let me see now, i want to spend less time screwing around,
try to waste fewer hours and spend more time
really training with greater focus.
i want to do leadville next year, and i really would like to join the team at one or two longer stage races, maybe south of the border, for example.
so the trick is this:
how can i sabotage this? dating! of course!
why hadn't i thought of that years ago?
my divorce was final in march, 1981.
i've dated many women born after that.
i haven't been in a serious relationship in over four years.
and what's my problem?
maybe i've taken too many conks to the noggin,
because i sometimes think i need to change this situation.
i should recognize this when women ask me "how i feel about change."
when i was asked this question a week ago, i said "i keep it in a jar."
maybe i need to write "i need a girlfriend" on a slip of paper,
and put it in a jar -- with a lid.
there might be a couple women around the midwest
who feel a bit like the second mrs. rudy guilliani right about now.
sorry about that.
but let me pose this question:
now, i haven't bought a car--new or used--from a dealer since, well, 1978.
little fiat 128 rally. got it instead of a volvo wagen.
fiat lasted less that a year. [know what i'm driving now?]
but do car dealers still employ high-pressure sales tactics?
i kind of felt a little bit of pressure from these women.
they're very nice women, actually.
but, man, i am just not accustomed to such high-pressure treatment.
my instincts are to walk out of the showroom.
and i think i just did.


S.Fuller said...

Good luck with your training Rev. I am thinking the same thing this winter. Hit the weights in the basement, keep my miles up, and *gasp* think about maybe racing a bit next year (and not just on the funny bike either).

As far as the fairer sex goes. If you only think you want to change your situation, do yourself and the other party a favor and leave things as they are. IMHO, you either do or you don't and there's really no middle ground. I've had friends that are serial monogamists. Get the 7 year itch and it's off to something new. Are they happy? I hope they are, but going through all of the crap they go through doesn't seem worth it to me. The need for companionship and friendship is undeniable, however, anyone that appears to be putting the pressure on probably will likely be pressuring you the rest of the relationship. No one needs that.

the mostly reverend said...

i was startled by the urgency
displayed by these folks.
then i'm like all "uh, no-oh"
and they're all like "uh, ye-es"
and so i'm like "buh-bye."

S.Fuller said...

That ticking you heard is was not a broken spoke, it was a biological clock. :D