Friday, October 26, 2007

the one that DIDN'T get away

[a reader contribution, but with a twist!]
a regular reader and long-time cyclist writes:
Well our Monday night DMCC rides are over for the year, but not without an exciting conclusion this last Monday. So, Courtney and I headed out the Saylorville trail on Monday and had to turn the lights on, on the way out! The deer had already started occupying space on the trail (I think we saw somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen).
Took our time returning, and stopped for some celebratory beer
(maybe we stopped twice). After seeing Courtney off, I took the long way home through the neighborhoods of West Des Moines started to get a little chilly so made for home. Just then I saw a furry flash on my right, my bike "pulsed a bit" and I continued on. But something didn't seem quite right, like something just happened and I missed it. I rode on not quite knowing what had just happened and half a block later turned around and went back. Now, my new Trek Cross bike has bladed spokes, with a reduced spoke count. A rabbit at speed is small enough to go through gaps in said wheels. Now at the time of "The pulse" I distinctly heard a slicing sound us usually only heard in horror movies and upon arrival at the scene, my fears were confirmed.
Mr/Mrs Rabbit made it half the way though,
part of Mr/Mrs Rabbit made it a quarter the way through and other parts like fur and the rabbit's liquid assets didn't make it though at all and decorated my bike and my tights.
No, still in shock at the whole thing -- I did not take a picture.
[NOTE: luggs didn't get a photo, but the orphans did--the rev]
I've hit animals before, ran over them, avoided them, ran from them
but can't say I've butchered one before Monday night. With all that said, I could have just as easily taken a trip over the bars and ended up with some time at the local hospital.
So I'm a lucky guy. Sorry Rabbit
That's my Halloween story and a Thanksgiving story too.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's going on here.
Earlier this year Luggs took out a
squinty (chipmunk) on the Great Western.
Just rode right over it's neck.
Then you were ambushed by a feisty raccoon.
Now I get this missive from the Luggster.
This makes him up 2-1 (without bloodletting).
Will this be a best of 7?
What will the reverend do to take the lead?
Perhaps take out two possums in one ride?
Or will there be a mystery entrant to this 'thinning of the herd' contest.


Bart said...

Something to be said for bladed spokes.

No one has mentioned the critter size increasing, so I was just wondering what would happen when someone runs into Bambi's papa.

Anonymous said...

As Keith well knows rabbits and other fur bearing fauna tends to get sluggish this time of year. I harkin Keith and Luggs back to a certain spring morning ride of last year when we encountered a rabbit on the trail that went through, over, around all three of us...twice and exited in one piece.

As for the second commentator I have almost run into said "papa" in Denmans woods. A six pointer has staked out a portion of the trail and dares anything to cross it. He moves off after deeming me not worthy of his energy. Since bow hunting is allowed back there I plan to attach a bladed arrow to my handlebar stem.

Anonymous said...

this is the time of year when i like to go hang out in trees with my suction cup-tipped arrows, hunting hunters and cyclists.

shhhhhhh.......wascally widers...

ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Luggs said that you two are running for 2nd, he felt my faceplant was automatic winner.
I felt my effort was not so much 'game on' as 'face on' or 'moron'.
Still waiting a ruling from UCI/ASO/WADA.


the mostly reverend said...

naturally, luggs is wrong.
he simply kills animals;
you simply maimed yourself.
on the other hand, i've got 'em both.

how hard is THAT to see?