Monday, October 22, 2007

he learned from racing in iowa, no doubt

life in the pro peloton
Steve Tilford (KCCX / Verge / Erickson) and Adam Myerson (Nerac Pro Cycling) battled it out all day. Eventually an elbow was thrown and heated words were exchanged.


Anonymous said...

I raced with Adam Hodges-Myerson when I was taking racing all serious and stuff and my initial reaction was that he was an asshole.

In an early season training race he came up to me and started yelling and cursing that I needed to learn about "East Coast Racing" if I was going to be in breaks. I asked him what his name was, he said Adam and I politely told him that I was Steve and that he should shut up. After the race he apologized and explained his behavior as "his style".

The next day, at another training race, he was in a shouting match with another racer afterwards about proper sprinting technique. Derek Bouchard-Hall stepped in and settled things down but the lesson I took away from that weekend was that I understood East Coast Racing just fine and that the number one rule was that Myerson was an asshole.

This was backed up on the next training ride in Burlington when I asked a few folks about him and they told me that he was the guy that Buzzsaw had punched in the head and sent to the hospital which resulted in his suspension. I never knew Buzzsaw but I imagine that whatever sort of guy he is, Myerson was up to his antics and got called out, deserved or not it was just his style

Now Steve Tilford has to deal with this guy and his style. That is okay with me...

I guess I owe something to Adam as it was racing against people like him that led me to take racing less seriously. Now I am all well adjusted!


the mostly reverend said...

i'm glad you shared that story with the world.
i found it deliciously ironic that poor adam found himself on the receiving end of more iowa-fed calcium.
this crazy world just keeps spinning around.
or is it adam who is spinning around?