Monday, October 29, 2007

porter wagoner

i grew up watching "the porter wagoner show" on television. okay, i hear you cynics. it's true, i was a big fan of "the bill anderson show," too. but porter, who made dolly parton a star, died yesterday, and i'm gonna miss him. like johnny cash before his recent death, porter just released one of his best-ever albums, "wagonmaster."
porter was genuine, and a genuinely funny guy, and had a style all his own. folks who were drawn to him tended to be like that, too: dolly parton and marty stuart just to mention a couple.
porter was a significant chunk of the foundation of american music. give his stuff a listen sometime.


Anonymous said...

You can still catch old episodes of Porter's show on RFD-TV. My dad still watches it ALL the time, so every time I'm down there, I catch a few episodes myself....


the mostly reverend said...

i think they get that channel at addie's,
so i WILL give a look on thursday,
between nascar replays. ;-))