Friday, October 19, 2007

pssst: they're NOT as hyper as people think

THIS is what sighthounds-
-these are greyhounds, but my borzoi/greyhounds and dmitri, my staghound are the same-
-THIS is what they actually--and PREFER to--do.
they're actually quite a bit like bike racers.
by the way, this is called "roaching."
this is an example of double roaching.


Janet said...

First of all, Rev, this photo made me laugh out loud. Second of all, I have a 100-pound Rottweiler mix who is so fierce he intimidates visitors by staying on the sofa the entire time they're in the house. And third, you and I have the same taste in furniture, as evidenced by the fact that our sofas are identical.

the mostly reverend said...

i WISH i had this sofa.

this is a photo from a sighthound forum i visit. i just HAD to repost it. i have a leather sofa and chair which are off-limits.

[the hounds get to roach out on my $10.00 furniture, for which i am always shopping, by the way.
any leads or tips are welcome, as they don't last forever.]

YOU, on the other hand, are welcome on the leather any time you wish! ;-))

thanks for posting, and thanks for having a REAL dog!

Janet said...

Well dang, you mean the wood paneling isn't yours either?? *sigh* I used to find great furniture bargains in the thrift stores, but stuff's not as cheap as it used to be. I once bought a very "old folks"-looking swivel rocker... brought it home as my reading chair... had it for one night, and the next morning around 9:30 a.m. the levee broke up at 6th Avenue and next thing I knew, my living room was under water and my new-to-me swivel rocker had found its center of gravity in the muck. This was 1993. You prob'ly don't want me on your leather sofa, BTW... the Cheetos leave orange dust everywhere. :P

the mostly reverend said...

[still laughing]
i haven't come up with an adequate reply, as i am terribly unfamiliar with cheeto orange dust.
is it like hair balls, or dust bunnies?
i'll go roach on the sofa and think about it...

Janet said...

(heehee) Well then I take some pride in knowing I stumped you for a reply! (I was going to say, just head on over Walgreens and get yourself a .99 bag of Cheetos Puffs, and tell me what happens to your fingers when you eat the whole bag. But, then I didn't want to be responsible for sending some bicycle-riding healthy person down a road of Cheeto addiction.) Actually Cheeto dust would be kind of like dust bunnies if you threw water at them... a sort of horrible slurry that's nearly impossible to clean up. Trust me, if you have managed to avoid them your whole life there is no need to start now. Um, hey, by the way, what does "roach on the couch" mean anyway? It sounds vaguely illegal :)

the mostly reverend said...

ah, janet, that stumped me for a moment, too, until i looked at the photos, and then looked at my dogs, sleeping with their legs all up in the air...not unlike a dead cockroach that's gone belly up.
hence, roaching.
these dogs are all legs, so it's even more exaggerated, when you have, in my case, twelve legs, for a total of about 24 feet of legs plus another 4 to 6 inches of feet at the end of each, poking up in the air at odd angles.
not unlike walking along the ocean floor, with seaweed just hanging there, suspended and bizarre.

roaching. not illegal, just eerie.