Friday, October 19, 2007

monkey business or ape art?

[cool show alert, folks!]

A collection of paintings from residents of Great Ape Trust of Iowa
will be featured in the Apes Helping Apes inaugural exhibit
at Zanzibar's Coffee Adventures beginning October 22.
All proceeds go to great ape conservation in the wild.
Zanzibar's Coffee Adventures
2723 Ingersoll Avenue
Des Moines
October 22 to November 25
Mon-Thurs: 7am to 9pm
Fri-Sat: 7am to 11pm
Sun: 8am to 6pm
To view the Apes Helping Apes 2007 collection
and the stories behind the paintings,
Great Ape Trust of Iowa:
Studies the behavior and intelligence of great apes
Provides sanctuary and an honorable life for great apes
Advances conservation of great apes
Provides unique educational experiences about great apes
Please make sure that you add
to your address book
to ensure delivery of email communications from Great Ape Trust.
Great Ape Trust of Iowa
4200 SE 44th Avenue
Des Moines, IA, 50320, U.S.A.
Copyright 2006 Great Ape Trust of Iowa
other things: this is troubling,
this is really sad and senseless [give his music a listen],
and this provides background to the senselessness.

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the mostly reverend said...

i stopped by zanzibar's last night. about half the paintings have sold already.
they really are pretty amazing. i'm going to take my camera down and get some shots.
interesting stuff; a little pricey, but it IS a fundraiser for the ape house... $250 - $800 range.