Tuesday, October 02, 2007

gravel tuesdays have begun!!

well, it has begun!!
tuesday nights are fun again.
finally, no more of the same old crap, week after week,
do the same ride, attack at the same place.
nope, now until we stop this next spring,
we stop for stop signs,
we re-group,
we ride different routes almost every night.
530 pm,
waterworks park, the bridge by frisbeeville.
bring lights, dress appropriately,
no one gets dropped.
we'll do these every tuesday, and at least once on weekends.
all information will be found on the g-spot.
see ya there!!


Anonymous said...

The G spot seems to be stuck in a time warp, circa May 31. Inquiring minds want to know about all upcoming gravel rides.
I wonder how Einstein would have fared on a Mensa test seeing is that he flunked his entrance exam to the Swiss Federal Polytechnical School.
Oh, and nice subliminal message coveyed by the Einstein on a bike photo. If the guy who discovered the Theory of Relativity doesn't need a brain bucket, why do I?
Brian Duffy

the mostly reverend said...

he's always been my idol.

oh, and i'll get to work on the g-spot.

Bart said...

"No one gets dropped." How is this possible, are the dropped cooked and eaten resulting in nobody left to say they were dropped?

Anonymous said...

Can I bring my aero-bars?

the mostly reverend said...

as long as you have fenders on a rainy, muddy day.