Thursday, January 31, 2008 team presentation

team green to go really green in 2008
after several months of planning, research, and long, cold nights in wood shop, lane anderson and the entire elite cycling team unveiled their all new look for 2008 today at a mid-day ceremony at the sylvan amphitheatre in greenwood park in des moines.
the new team bikes, made exclusively and entirely of reclaimed wood from houses acquired through foreclosure auctions in polk county, are custom-built to each rider's requirements and fit, and are uci-compliant, to fit the team's schedule which will see them travelling and racing throughout the entire western hemisphere. they weigh the uci-minimum 14.2 pounds, depending on the current relative humidity. [when completely de-humidified, the bikes can shed an additional two pounds, taking them under the weight limit, and increasing the stiffness of the frame.]

a close-up of the bike's drive train reveals the wooden srm power meter crankset and specially-designed speedplay pedals.

the chains feature a proprietary blend of native and exotic/tropical woods, and have been pre-treated with anderson's sealant and waterproofing. also unveiled its new team kit, a state-of-the-art, straight-from-the-designer's-worktable 21st century blend of lycra, spandex, and a fiber called "freedom." good job with logo placement, terry!

the team is sure to get some press this year.


Rodney said...

WOW!!! Those wheels are TOTALLY aero! That's a pretty spanky ride.

the mostly reverend said...

"spanky"--that's what they're calling the new team skinsuits, too!

gpickle said...

The hand built pawls are super cool. Show-off kids...