Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this is all getting very messy

REVISED and UPDATED--823 am, cst

i'm telling you, those girls are evil.
some of you have heard my "b.p." theory.
i didn't think so.
[i still think there's something sinister about them...]


bryan said...

Ummm ... Rev? That story said the Olsons didn't have anything to do with that apartment.

the mostly reverend said...

bryan--thanks for pointing this out.

i have TERMINATED my relationship with my inside source at the NYT.
my former source ASSURED me that she had confirmed with BOTH the police AND ms. wolfe that it WAS indeed ms. olsen's apartment.

the staff of today's sermonette is profoundly sorry and embarassed, as we strive to print ONLY the truth, the holy truth, and not much more than that, except for that stuff that falls outside the bounds of the truth. the latter typically is an editorial form of irony or humor, but obviously that is a point often lost to some readers south of the mason-dixon line.

nevertheless, i smell a rat. i think the twins' spin department has regained control of the flow of info.

i'll have my other sources sniff out the truth.

bryan said...

I'm glad I could help further the cause of truth-seeking, truth-telling and truth-sniffing.

Please note, however, there was no sniffing in the direction of either Olson twin.

the mostly reverend said...

what's a billion dollars smell like?