Tuesday, January 29, 2008

chatter from sources in the fields tell me...

...that there just might be some crazy shit going on in tipton in july!

Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 11:10 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: BikeIowa group Re: old guys
Apparently, I was mistaken --maybe you did win that sprint (hard to believe, although I do remember that I was sprinting on a flat rear tire).However --and more importantly-- THE Fields RAGBRAI BASH did happen and it turned out to be the wildest party ever put on by one man alone. There were still dozens of bikie carcasses strewn throughout my parents' (and the neighbors') lawn the next morning. It took until the following June for the lawn to recover. And now, when anyone talks about it, Keith and Ditter still shake their heads in disgust.
Regardless, "The 25th Anniversary Fields RAGBRAI BASH" to commemorate that historic day will commence at 4:30 p.m., July 25, at the corner of 10th and Mulberry in Tipton Iowa. Free T-Shirts and the Beer's on me! Besides, the Tipton Sprint Title must be returned to its rightful owner--me. Otherwise the party's off. --Sluggo lives!
R Dickson wrote: See Fields, I told you that I won the Tipton sprint. --Randy
Original Message From: "Mike Merulla" To: "Scott Dickson" ; Cc: "RM", "Walter Bleser", "Jeff Fields", "Denny, Jim" Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 8:15 AM
Subject: RE: BikeIowa group Re: old guys
I see that DOGBRAI will have a stage finish in Tipton this year. Fields, will you still have to win the sprint? I remember your famous battle cry, "If I don't win the sprint, the party's off!". Dogbait then attacked in the gravel, and took the sprint. I don't think that party ever did happen. --Nanners
* * * * * * * * * *
don't say you weren't warned: you newbies who have only done the ragby for fifteen, twenty years should make every effort to see how it's supposed to be done--by folks who probably can no longer do it like that.
* * * * * * * * * *
my zen thought for the day: said the buddhist to the hot dog vendor: "make me one with everything."
now go, make peace with yourself, and don't break any bones doing it.


Brett said...

Well there's Bait & Phil, maybe Mongo on the ground bottom right. I think I see my old Gilligan hat off to the left side, around '88-'89 I'd guess. Gee, no helmets in the group, could it be that we trusted each other to ride a straight line instead of something resembling a sine wave???

Z said...

And I believe that I'm attached to the red C'dale that's upside down just to the right of Bart. It also looks like Bell Bikers or V1-Pro's on the civilians and we all appear to be on sew-ups. I'd be thinking more mid 80's.

Jeff C

Brett said...

Could be, the bicycle bait is smacking whoever with has rat traps. I think I'll wait for more folks to wade in here.....

the mostly reverend said...

railroad crossings are dangerous.
i sure hope we don't have any dangerous crossings on ragby THIS year--someone could get sued!
then the railroad companies could ban bikes from crossing tracks.

the mostly reverend said...


1--eyewear: most prevalent model seen is oakley eyeshade, made famous by that doper lemond who first used them in 1986, as far as i can tell, so this photo likely dates 1987, at earliest.
2--helmets: not many seen [the good old days]. prominent is the black vetta. i bought one for my daughter in bianchi celeste to match her bianchi, which i got for her shortly after we moved to ames, in 1987. those helmets had been around for a year or two at that point.
a--the guy with the knee socks looks like mongo, and if it is, he isn't wearing his ordinary jersey, which again makes it pre-1990.
b--look at bait's legs. they're HUGE, and not terribly fat, so he was still riding quite a bit then.
c--phil minard, red and white striped jersey. thin, still racing and living in illinois, but i can't peg the team to go with that kit.
4--other subtleties--the lack of neon colors makes me think that this is before lemond electrified the peloton, so, again, pre-1989.

dickson, luggs, bait, others--help us out.

Brett said...

Yellow bike in Randy's hands, Cossitt's old banana Bock?

Slicen'dice said...

I'll vote for '87 as for once there are numerous picks from that year as someone actually had a camera!

chris hayes said...

It's gotta be 1987. I recognize the nasty maroon Vitesse jersey and the maroon and silver Nishiki in the center... and bait's legs DO look nice!

ps, Fields: where's my waffle maker!?

the mostly reverend said...

yo, hey, chris! damn.
nice to see you're around!
you'll be there this july, right?

[i saw/spoke with your uncle this year in atlantic, by the way.]