Wednesday, January 02, 2008

caucus night tough guy/good guy points

two-fers here in iowa, boys and girls!
1--go to the iowa bicycle coalition;
2--download and print a few copies of the 2007 iowa caucus resolution proposal;
3--RIDE YOUR BIKE TO YOUR CAUCUS to show how serious you are about the bicycle as a viable form of transportation; and
4--let me know that you did.
i'll confer official tough guy points for your efforts.
chuck norris ain't got nothing on ME!


Janelle Rettig said...

Please take a photo of your biking to the caucus and send it to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.

the mostly reverend said...

okie dokie. hopefully, it will be warmer today than new year's day, when my camera and computer froze up.
so did my water bottle concoction of purple gatorade and jose cuervo gold. gotta re-calculate my ratios there.