Tuesday, January 01, 2008

a new year's resolution

. . . . .
i no longer make new year's resolutions.
i quit smoking cigarettes twenty years ago today, oddly enough--i seriously hadn't thought of that until i was halfway through that first sentence, in fact--but even that wasn't a "resolution."
i just quit.
but when i ran across this photo, i changed my mind.
i hereby resolve to find a woman--in DES MOINES--who will do this;
who will ride her bike in a dress, heels, and fake fur coat
to a new year's eve party.
or, hell, to ANY party, for that matter.
wish me luck!
naturally, i'll keep you posted.
oh, and happy new year's and all that shit.


SD_pedalpower said...

Good luck. We expect pictures.

john said...

So, just who was it that took that picture of me? I know I didn't give permission to publish anything...

the mostly reverend said...

to clarify, she must have:
1--her own teeth;
2--properly inflated tires;
3--access to running water; and
4--at least a semi-permanent address.

other than those, i think i'm pretty negotiable.

Zakkaliciousness said...

your quest is noble and admirable and i wish you well.

although my photo doesn't feature fake fur... we only do real fur here in denmark... but hey... be flexible.

and sorry, john... i just couldn't help myself when i shot this photo of... uh... you.

the mostly reverend said...

i realized it was no doubt the real thing, but on this side of the ocean, we have different views about dead animals, too.
they make for great bike saddles and shoes, but god forbid you drape one one your shoulders.

curiously, here, one is more likely to be prosecuted for killing a dog than killing a bicyclist.
is this a great country, or what?