Wednesday, January 09, 2008

random thoughts

what have these guys been up to lately?
paul should have kept one of those pallets of 100s for himself.
who could ever challenge this woman's judgment?
wouldn't it be great to see this again?


Anonymous said...

Kim, you have disappointed God. You have removed him from the central role He longs to play in your life. You have refused to "let God be God" and have appointed your self in His place.

Job 34:33
Should God then reward you on your terms, when you refuse to repent? You must decide, not I; so tell me what you know.

We're praying for you.

Ann Coulter wearing a mini skirt to a school seems oddly equivalent to a lawyer wearing Birkenstocks into a courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Kim, you have disappointed me, too.

But not lately


Anonymous said...

Kim -

You wear Birkenstocks in court? Sweet!

Keep it. Actually, do whatever it takes so you don't become bat-shit crazy like anonymous up there.


Bart said...

God is a self centered bully who steals your lunch money then beats you up for not seeing things his way. Religion sucks and some more than others.

Anonymous said...


I stated my opinion. I didn't take any personal shots. I think the mini skirt/birkenstock correlation was pretty accurate.

I'd say it's unusual for an adult to wear a mini skirt to a school. I'd also say it's unusual to wear hippie shoes to court. I was surprised that Kim of all people would attack someone for the way they dress.

But why the hostility from you?

Why else would Kim place this post on his blog other that to get a response to Pete or other conservatives. Maybe I'm wrong and he was just reaffirming his position about God?

I would expect as much from gpickle, but your jumping in is weak. Your mom would be sad.

the mostly reverend said...

hey, nonny-

i'm calling you out on your credentials here:
1--how often do you go to court?
2--how often do you go to elementary school?

if your answer to #1 is "often" or "regularly," then how much time do you spend looking at the footwear of others?

if your answer to #2 is "often" or "regularly," then how much time do you spend looking at the hemlines of blonde, loud-mouthed, racist, transgendered republican mouthpieces?

the theory for court attire is that respect is shown by the clothing you wear. i don't buy that shit, but i don't dress to show disrespect.

you might want to check with lippold for current views, but when i taught school, the attire of teachers and guests was to comply with community standards. things have changed in the 30 years since i taught, but not THAT much. most schools would find her hemline inappropriate. i thought it was a delightful example of how out-of-touch that crazy chick is.

now, as to religion, um, you DID recognize that this post is POLITICAL in nature, right? rove, cheney, wolfowitz, coulter, and rove again. where the hell does god enter into THIS post?

however, since you brought it up, god has disappointed me SO many more times than i could EVER have disappointed him. i have long been disappointed in the thousands and thousands of deaths that have been committed in his name, and the untold suffering because of him.
okay? in my mind, that's nothing more than a weak, feeble rationalization by a religion that just has no fucking clue of what's really going on. you're telling me this fucking chaos is a plan? give me a break. THAT'S weak.
your mom should be sad, if that's the best you can come up with. i know i'd be sad if you were my kid.

hostility? i didn't see any hostility. i saw a couple comments from people who have known me for a long time offering their opinions, just like you. do you feel threatened? hmmm.

and by the way, what kind of god wants you to go around making pitches on his behalf? how could you POSSIBLY know what conversations may or may not have taken place between me and your god. is your god the kind of god that doesn't keep secrets? is your god the kind of god who tells believers what other believers, or non-believers, have told him?
is THAT the kind of god you believe in? the dr. phil of gods?
THAT'S weak.

and, since it IS my blog, i am entitled to tell you that i ALSO expect as much from gpickle, and ALSO from garrett. i am also beginning to expect such drivel as you wrote above from you.

by the way, LOTS of folks wear birks to court, dumbass.
now flip-flops . . . THAT'S different.

microdot said...

Man, I'd link this blog, but you don't need the bat shit trolls that follow me around! I love this!

check out The Masters Of Chaos at Thebrainpolice!

the mostly reverend said...

i know; there are people out there even crazier and with less to do than ME!

sorry, microdot--i thought i had your link up. i'll do that now, although i suspect your stuff might go right over the head of mr. anonymous.

the mostly reverend said...

by the way, here's the link to the masters of chaos post that microdot was mentioning.

funny stuff, if you're in to funny.
no helmets required.