Wednesday, January 02, 2008

race season 2008 begins!

i had no idea how exciting these competitions were
until i read all about them; why don't YOU?
1/06/08 Valley West Wipeout, West Des Moines
1/12/08 Harper's Cycling & Fitness Rollerhead, Muscatine

1/26/08 Victorian House Bed & Breakfast,Washington
1/27/08 Bikes Two You, Grinnell

2/03/08 Rollin' the Rapids, Cedar Rapids

2/10/08 ISU Roller Race, Bike World Ames

2/17/08 Des Moines Rollin' the DSM Y
2/24/08 FROSTBUSTER 13, Cedar Falls

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just wanted to slip in a "hello howdy" to all you folks.
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