Sunday, January 27, 2008

sunday's obits

waxing a bit nostalgic, i fear, i'm writing about two folks from my childhood. i never met either of them, but both left large impressions upon my formative years.

first is john stewart, a prolific songwriter and producer, who died at 68, and who was a member of the kingston trio, a fan of which i was even before stewart joined. but his lasting impression upon me was as the person who penned the song "daydream believer," which was a monster hit for the monkees right at the same time i was dating jean newman in junior high, ninth grade [ah, she was mere child at the time, a sassy little seventh grader...], so every time the chorus sings "cheer up, sleepy jean..." i still get all tingly. can't help it; first true love and all that.

then, there's allan melvin, who apparently had a recurring role in "the brady bunch," but for me will always be the bad guy from "the andy griffith show," pulling the wool over barney's eyes. prior to that, and how he got the mayberry gig, was through his work on "the phil silvers show." he was a wonderful character actor, right up there with gus the fireman on "leave it to beaver."

how i wasted my childhood...

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