Tuesday, January 29, 2008

punk rock

the phrase "punk rock" has been getting bandied about the capitol city quite a bit lately, so it is with great pleasure that as i sit here working, i'm listening to terry gross interview mick jones and tony james of the band carbon/silicon on fresh air. if you missed the show, you can catch it on am640 [either on line or over the actual airwaves] this afternoon at 300 pm, or click here after 400 pm for the podcast from the fresh air website. the boys sound great, the music is fantastic, and to hear their stories and their perspectives on life, music, and friendship through the years is refreshing and just pretty damned normal, a mon avis.
it's worth a listen. you can listen to the band's music, download a bunch, or actually buy their record. they talk about the joys of walking about with an album under one's arm back in the day, and also of the evils of the "shuffle" setting on ipods.


Brett said...
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Brett said...
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Brett said...

Oi! Fuckers! Punk Rock has never been about inclusion or the like.
Punk Rock has always been about an anti-establishment, in your face, fuck everybody mentality.

Wiki has a good definition of "punk rock."

Also a decent movie on the punk scene is, "American Hardcore."

the mostly reverend said...

i'm glad to see "comment deleted" is posting again. i wish i knew how he/she is able to get italics to work in the comments section.