Thursday, January 03, 2008

another morning at the waveland

one pancake, a slice of ham, an over-easy egg and lots of barely drinkable coffee with bill richardson, fred thompson, ron paul, john edwards, john roberts and the rest of the "best team in politics," a bunch of secret service-looking people, and too many out-of-place and uncomfortable-looking republicans anxious for face time on cable news. and me, listening to npr on my walkman, wearing my little joe biden pin.
1--bill richardson wanted to eat my breakfast;
2--I'M glad fred's not MY grandpa;
3--ron paul looks like a kid who promised to be good if his parents would take him to the circus;
4--john edwards would look better in jeans and a flannel shirt;
5--the massive cnn crew wants to get the hell out of cold weather.
it's gonna be interesting tonight, tomorrow, and the next few weeks.

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