Saturday, January 19, 2008

a sad day for all of ragby

from a grief stricken reader, orphan, bike racer, scholar, gentleman, and member of the president's council on fitness [or something like that] comes this note:
A sad day for all of Ragby.
The article shows how the inventor of the slip 'n slide has passed away. If not for his efforts we would not have the experience of the Beer Slide on Ragby.ARCADIA, Calif. -- Richard Knerr, a co-founder of the company that turned the Hula Hoop and Frisbee into beloved toys, has died. He was 82.Knerr's wife told The Los Angeles Times that her husband died at a hospital Monday after suffering a stroke at his home in Arcadia, Calif.Knerr and childhood buddy Spud Melin started a slingshot-selling business in 1948 and called their company Wham-O after what they said was the sound of something hit by a slingshot.Ten years later, Wham-O devised its own version of an Australian exercise ring and called it the Hula Hoop. Around the same time, the company bought the rights to a plastic flying disc called the Pluto Platter. They renamed it the Frisbee, and the rest, as they say is outdoor fun history.Wham-O added other toys to its line including the Superball, the Slip 'N Slide and Silly String.Melin died in 2002 at 77.In an interview back in 1994, Knerr said his company contributed "fun" to America." orphan brendon
[also accomplished herbologists, sister olive, the above, helps sista nun, of the above, water and feed some of the tropical plants around the orphanage]

"But who was the first to suggest that it should be combined with alcoholic beverages and nakedness? Presumably this occurred approx 30 secs after its original invention" ...orphan nic
[sista nun, of the above, shown here on one of her many fabled "bearfoot walks across iowa" which directly led to register columnists don kaul and john karras taking up the sista's challenge to "get off their lazy asses and join her on one" of her annual treks across her home state. shown above is the sista and several of her chuck taylor-clad companions on bearfoot 10, in 1969.]

"Sister Kim I believe"--orphan jimmy

[sista nun, of the above, shown here on the one of only three "Barelegs walk across iowa" this one from the last, held in 1971. this traditiona was abandoned with the sudden and mysterious departure of sista olive, the above, from the orphanage in 1972.]

"It was sister kim"....the mayor of ragby, the honorable ding g.l. berry

well, yes, i think i feel well enough to post this exchange. it was nearing the end of a long day's ride into cresco...schlay? schleigh? the name of the little town, just north of the route. two bars, side by side, but the smaller one had a larger back yard--and an owner who would do anything to beat out his bigger competitior next door.

"do you have a roll of plastic, some detergent, and a hose?" i asked; "we'll get it," he said.

within five minutes, we were set, with a large group of riders gathering around. but no one took my offer to enjoy the natural benefits of sun, soap, suds and suds--until--and i think we can agree that "portly" is a fair descriptor, a portly couple came up to me and told me that they were nudists, and would quite happily get naked and do a few slides. the man told me "once everyone sees how fat WE are, they'll ALL feel much better about themselves."

they were, they did, so did everyone else, and the rest is history.

and another chapter in the story of "the ones who ruined ragbrai" was written.

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