Monday, January 07, 2008

things found while surfing the internets

you can find the craziest things on the internets these days. i have a search program that sends me posts about me, or things similar to me ["mostly reverend" and such], and while most times it's just some "reverend" who is thankful for "mostly" sunny skies or such, every now and then the similarities are so close--and just so "not me"--that it gives me a chuckle. well, here's one that i received a few days ago. let's read along together...

Dear Capricious Kim,
Posted Thursday, December 27, 2007 by PRC's Czar of Information

Oh, how we once were inspired
By your revolts against the higher
And how you represent our cycling community
With your flavor of audacious impunity
We've always entertained your thoughts
And your creative anti-Christian plots
All amidst your governmental doting
And your shameless self-promoting
And we've heard you claim to support us gals
Yet you will insult us anyhow?
Acting so tough in front of the boys
But alone with us you're a soft putty toy
Despite that your words could never do us in
Still, we hope you could clue us in
Because we just don't know anymore
What the hell you're standing for
Or, what you're standing against
Grandpa Kim please make some sense
You mock us to every end
And then call yourself a Reverend?
Do you need another reminder
You're in great risk of getting Alzheimers
You've mistaken us girls for an easy match
And starting throwing boomerangs you can't catch
So let's hear you testify
Why PRC gals should be so denied
And how is it you see the gold
Picking on girls with the same goals
This is your chance to make everything clear
Before the ice melts off your beard
And as you grind away your mental cog
Wait - oh my God!
We forgot you can't, you can't comment on this blog.
So in lieu of that let's just say this
There's no need to be filled with vinegar and piss
No matter whose party we court
We're all out here to support our sport
-from the girls of PRC
as i said, usually these random hits are just funny little things that only give me a chuckle as i ponder other not-too-parallel universes. but i don't know, this one seems to be a more slightly skewed universe.
and this gem found just today by an alert reader:
From a Clinton campaign email list:
"The Iowa caucus process is a broken and flawed process. It was designed to allow for the active party Dems generally known to one another to assign delegates and was not designed to handle a flood of students and independents. It was a system designed to give more power to Dem party loyalists. In the tension over whether the candidates should be chosen by the party or by the general public, the Iowa caucus was designed to give the party the advantage. For this reason, the Iowa system failed on Thursday."
[thanks, b.g.]


Matthew Pavlovich said...

Kim, Apparently those girls are pissed because you will not do them...


Anonymous said...

Nice Matthew, very nice. Classy. Your mom would be very proud, very proud.

Anonymous said...

is your mom leaving anonymous comments HERE, too?

Anonymous said...

Pav -

Hilarious. Keep it up.

Matthews Mom -

Have a sense of humor.

Kristin said...

she is proud. so is his sista...

Anonymous said...

Question why would an of these women be "pissed" because an angry, old man want "do them"?

the mostly reverend said...

psssst, nonny: wanna buy a couple consonants?

Y, you might ask?
maybe so you don't look like an S?

Anonymous said...

no need for more letters, when associating with cave men, why not write so they understand. :)

the mostly reverend said...

i don't know why you're changing the subject from your inability to spell to your affinity for the stars of ill-fated network sitcoms, but it's a free blog:
if you want to continue to look like an ass, none of MY friends will stop you.

Anonymous said...

Feeble reply there Kim. You are the "Champion of women's cycling" yet you have people one YOUR blog reducing a misunderstanding between you and a couple of women to you not fucking them-brilliant.

Kinda like fighting for slave rights, while running with slave owners. Nice work out you-

Why don't you stray away from the moral highground until you can defend your position-Mr. HippieCrit.

the mostly reverend said...

what the FUCK?

do you even know what the hell you're talking about, or are you just shouting down your colon again?

if you have even the SLIGHTEST grasp of the underlying personalities and events culminating with donnie's little ditty which was briefly posted and then quickly taken down by him but rescued from the garbage heap and posted here then you certainly aren't showing it by your posts and comments.

and if you think that the folks who post their thoughts here are controlled by me, or speak on my behalf, then you are more full of shit than your words would suggest.

but if you are wishing only to practice your typing skills, then have at it. you still need work.

if you are trying to have anything other than a pathetically amusing affect on me, you are failing there, too.

but for keeping this silly little thread alive for three weeks after it started, you are to be commended.
too bad no one notices or cares.