Sunday, July 15, 2007

another hard-hitter? or just another schill?

to "honor" frankie robinson, president bush hosted a white house south lawn tee-ball game between teams from los angeles and brooklyn, present and former home cities of frankie's former teams. now, many critics would suggest that there are MANY more significant and appropriate things that this administration could and should do to truly honor the memory and trail blazing sacrifices of this great american, but that's another post. but for today's purposes, i'm gonna match dubya.

here's something that should not shock real fans of political discourse and regular watchers of "the daily show"--a soft, under-handed pitch from bush loyalist william kristol [and, no, that's NOT a typo, and it's NOT harry from one of my favorite films]: WHY BUSH WILL BE A WINNER
read it. any thoughts? is mr. kristol correct?
or is his head once again so far up his south pole
that he thinks his colon is dubai?

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