Thursday, July 12, 2007

it's not just in iowa-check out THIS crap!

this is a story about some racers in wisconsin.
it came to my attention from a member in madison.
thanks, shannon.
i'll keep you posted.
Subject: Cyclist hit by truck - Intentionally
This is about a friend of mine.
UPDATE - the truck driver has been found,
but I don't know more about what's going on with him.
John is on his way home from La Crosse right now.
I'll swing by his place tomorrow.
Terrible news-
John Raub is the cyclist inolved in this horrible accident.
Please keep him in your thoughts.
John maintains the BTW web page and
has been working hard on bicycle advocacy in Jefferson County.
Subject: John's update
I talked to John this morning.
He's in a lot of pain still, but as he says "Hey, I'm alive".
His back is broken, which has him in a body cast for another 10 weeks.
He's had two surgeries so far on his ankle.
He has to go back to La Crosse next week to have his ankle re-examined
for another possible surgery.
As far as helping him with anything at home,
he's all taken care of.
His church has committed to feeding him for the next 3 weeks.
Someone else is mowing his lawn for him.
He believes that the collision was intentional,
and the witnesses back that up completely.
The case will be handed off to the District Attorney soon.
His bike might be ridable in the future - after the police return it,
and after the engineers at Trek deem it safe to ride it.
I'm going over there tomorrow after work to drop off a bunch of movies.
Future updates from me will be on
the bike club's web site at


the mostly reverend said...

a reader from, hmm, used to be california, but he might have recently moved, writes:

"PS It is indeed everywhere -- someone leaned out of a car and
purposefully hit me with a stick whilst I was riding yesterday ..."

folks, what the HELL is going on?
didn't we once have a president who claimed that he was "a uniter, not a divider?"
or was he talking about his arithmetical prowess?

Pete Basso said...

Kim, this sounds similar to Mistresses friend who was intentionally run over by the guy in the box van.

I suppose they'll blame this on violent video games??

Mistress Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend and yes, he is lucky to be alive.

I think it's time drivers get their asses kicked. I'll be glad to offer my services...

Jeff Bratz said...

I have seen you picture, I think you may want to let the "ass kicking" duty to cats like Pistol Pete, Master Lou, and a few others. I think you may help the cause by bringing a more visually appealing side to the bike world. :)

On a side note rode 75 down south of Winterset this a.m., and ran into NO problems, and even had a driver stop us, and ask for directions...oddly to Iowa City, but heh we pointed them in the right direction and they thanked us profusely.