Tuesday, July 10, 2007

why i love cycling in iowa

no, it's NOT officer obie, from alice's restaurant!
it's chief L.J. Phillips,
of the waukee police department.
he LOVES bicycles and he loves bicyclists, too!
read here about just how much:
[by the way, everybody KNOWS how much the regi$ter loves bicycli$t$, right?]
here's the chief's email address:
L.J. Phillips, Chief of Police
here's how to write to the chief:
1300 L.A. Grant ParkwayWaukee, Iowa 50263
and here's how to call the chief:
(515) 987-1073 Headquarters

tell old L.J. that the mostly reverend says "hey, goober."

i know--i'm mixing old t.v. shows,
but i never watched the "dukes of hazzard."
it just seemed, well, stupid.
. . .
speaking of bikes,
pretty boring stage in the tour, eh?


Anonymous said...

This is a bit stale news, but worth a watch.



john said...

How about a race report from the Lake? You know I got to ride with our old friend Price Dalstrom. He'd riding strong. And about the low-rent-bastards???

the mostly reverend said...

oh, it's coming, john. i really can't believe they'd wheel-suck for 22 miles, and then jump me, without offering a cut of their prize money!

i'll watch it, jed, whatever it is.

the mostly reverend said...

actually, jed--
i posted that video july 4th.
you haven't been reading me every day!!
;- ))
thanks. it IS very well-said, and sum up my thoughts 100%.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to start regarding the "safety tips" in that article. Here goes.
>"Give cars and pedestrians the right-of-way. It's an act of courtesy and it is safer, too." So, giving up our equal rights to the road somehow makes us safer? Yeah right.
>"Slow down. Look and listen when you come to a corner. Walk your bike across busy intersections and streets." Huh? So, change from a cyclist to a pedestrian and then back to a cyclist? This one makes no damn sense at all.

I can't believe they published that crap and called it "safety tips".

Jeff Bratz said...

My letter to Chief numb nuts(not bad for a "Triathlism", huh Kim):
Dear Mr. Phillips

I am thrilled to hear you are concerned with cyclist safety. Furthermore; I am thrilled you are willing to stand up and take action to protect cyclists.

I however think it may be equally as functional to engage a special session for auto drivers, and teach them how to best navigate the roads with cyclists. I am one of those folks that rides my bike on the roads. I have found that I am rarely protected and often threatened by dangerous drivers. In fact this past Friday, I was riding in Waukee (your jurisdiction) and had a motorist “buzz” by me within inches of my handle bars…honking, and extending me “the bird”. I was following your “rules of the road” not Iowa law, but being more diligent than Iowa law stipulates. There was a police officer that witnessed the event…guess what he did-nothing. I am not an attorney, nor a law enforcement officer, I do know however that was not safe, and YOUR officer failed to enforce the laws. Are you educating your officers on how to best protect cyclists, or teaching them your vision of cyclists as a menace?

Bicyclists are held to standards that you refuse to hold drivers to…why is that? At what juncture are you going to write an article to motorists about how to safely and respectfully interact with cyclists? When will you remind motorists that they have a duty to share the road with cyclists, and share it safely? When will you talk about the dangers of talking on the cell phone, and running a cyclist off the road? When will YOU remember that it is YOUR duty to enforce the laws, and that includes protecting cyclists?

You said “Walk your bike across busy intersections and streets”, do you advocate drivers get out of their cars and walk their cars through intersections? Why exactly is it that cyclists have a higher duty to safety than motorists?

You also said “On Hickman Road obey the bicycle-specific stop signs at the sidewalk/street intersections.”-so you do think that road signs are important! Great! Start enforcing the law equally, as most motorists are dangerous, reckless, and fail to act in a manner that a prudent person would when a cyclist is present.

Sir, I ride my bike more in a week than most people drive in a week. I am lucky to be alive-it is attitudes like yours articulated in The Register that put my safety at risk. You have a duty to protect all on the roads-not just motorists. I personally would like to invite you on a 4 hour bike ride, you then may see first hand the dangers I and other cyclists face.

I appreciate you diligence, but find it misguided. I think you are missing the real danger-careless, reckless, and dangerous motorists.

Jeffrey M. Bratz, CFP®




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Anonymous said...

Jeff- please share the reply you get from the chief.

Jeff Bratz said...

Will do, I however think Chief NN won't reply.


Jeff Bratz said...

Talked with the "editor" at the DM Reg. She told me that the Chief of Police is an "expert" and she had no duty to research his facts prior to printing them.

I said "Great, when the next cyclist is killed, injured, or maimed(sp) I will make certain to have their attorney include your personally as well as the Register, in the list of defendant's, as you contributed to that person's death by disseminating misinformation."

She hung up on me!


the inebriationist said...
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the mostly reverend said...

update: the regi$ter is threatening legal action against a small, local cycling website.
imagine THAT!

the inebriationist said...

I had an idea for a jersey.

the mostly reverend said...

i wish i had that for tomorrow! i'm riding my bike to a driver's ed class in ames.
we might need to put in a big order.
very nice!