Friday, July 06, 2007

GOP hypocrite of the week award goes to:

Members of the Libby Legal Defense Trust
[folks, follow along carefully, before you freak out.]
Welcome to the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.
Actually this week, it's a whole posse of Republican hypocrites,
all the GOP loudmouths out there talking about how Scooter Libby's pardon -
- oh, we mean commutation
(the pardon comes after the 2008 election) -
- is no big deal.
After all, Poppy Bush saved his butt and facilitated
the obstruction of justice when he pardoned the Iran-Contra felons,
and in particular, kept the late Caspar Weinberger from nailing daddy Bush.
It would have been great to see
George Herbert Walker in an orange jumpsuit.
No, the Busheviks aren’t bringing that
"like father, like son avoiding jail" similarity up,
but they are reminding us ad nauseam that
Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich,
whose wife contributed a bundle to the Democrats.
Rich was used by Republicans to dirty up Clinton after he left office,
by claiming that he had basically sold the pardon for campaign funding
and contributions to his presidential library.
The Libby Legal Defense Trust (not to be confused with the Libby betrayal Web site,
supporters have jumped all over the Rich pardon as
a "precedent" for the Libby "commutation, pardon to come" action by Bush.
Let's put aside for the moment that
Rich's crimes were of the financial sort.
He didn't betray the national security of the United States,
as Libby (and Cheney, Bush, and Rove for that matter) did.
Rich didn't obstruct a federal investigation into the
outing of a CIA operative specializing in tracking the illicit sales of WMD.
Let's also put aside that Rudolph Giuliani is the one who prosecuted Rich,
condemned his pardon, but urged a pardon for Libby.
No, let us forget these details for the moment.
What makes the Rich red herring so hypocritical is
something a bit more damning.
You see, when you are a mega-wealthy guy on the lamb
seeking a presidential pardon,
you hire yourself a "K Street" lawyer to get
to the top levels of government.
And Marc Rich had just such a powerful attorney to help seek his pardon.
His name was Scooter Libby.
Now we just have to wonder.
When all those Busheviks claim what a travesty the Rich pardon was,
and then argue that Libby has a sterling record of service to America,
how do they rationalize Libby being the one who
represented Rich's effort to redeem himself?
Oh, we forgot for a moment.
It's the GOP hypocrisy, stupid!
Until next week, remember our motto:
So many Republican hypocrites,
so little time.
Catch up with you soon.
. . . . .
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Anonymous said...

Hypocracy = Clinton's pardoning of Henry Cisneros. Just like Libby, Cisneros lied under oath to the Federal Government.

If you damn Bush, which you should, you better damn well damn Clinton.

Pete Basso said...

Anonymous, you must be a new reader, Kim speaks out only against the republicans and God.

Anonymous said...

We will never vote for the same party and we may never believe in the same God(s).

I commend The Mostly Reverend for speaking out against injustice, hypocrisy and fighting for everyone's rights (republican, democrat, religious or agnostic).

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Communist, or Socialist ... what our Government and President is getting away with is just short of murder.

If we have a Democrat in office next and he or she weilds their power with such disrespect to our nation and it's citizens, I'm hopeful The Mostly Reverend will speak out.

Garrett said...

Anonymous - Thanks for Damning Clinton for us.

Let's try and stay current though.

Anonymous said...

yes Garrett let's stay current so we don't learn from our past. Good advice.

the mostly reverend said...

thanks for posting,and thanks for your discerning reading skills.
yes, i am opposed to hypocracy.
i hate it more than almost anything. [i really hate black licorice, too, and never hide my feelings there, either. it just doesn't come up much.]
what pete and others haven't figured out is that this republican regime is the biggest, most foul-smelling bunch of two-faced demons that this country has seen--and all in the name of "god and country."
bush/cheney have bastardized that phrase, all toward the goal of corrupting and gutting the very pillars upon which this country was built, and with the side benefit of accumulating personal power for themselves and their associates, and stealing from the public through governmental process of obscene amounts of money, by the BILLIONS, for personal gain. stealing it through no-bid contracts [haliburton?] and unconscionable tax revisions, creating and blaming political demons along the way [trial lawyers, union laborers, school teachers, christ, you name it: if you're a normal schlebb, doing a job, they'll screw you, and send your job to mexico or india or china, while you have no income, yet the corporate owners STILL rake in the even bigger bucks, tax-free.]

rudy g and gov. mitt are trying to pull the same thing. THAT'S comforting, isn't it.
and yet folks like pete and others say that I am bad for pointing this out? right. i am just trying to get folks to think, to look around, and SEE what the hell is happening to our country, with the tacit approval of a public that continues to be lulled into braindeadness by, what, better toys, dumber tv, a pandering media that's afraid to say that the emperor has no clothes.

fear mongers, plain and simple.

pete--i am not attacking your religious beliefs.
i AM attacking the hypocracy of those who claim to do things in the name of the lord/whatever. some of the most heinous acts have been done with the claim of almighty sanction.
and THAT is bullshit.
hitler, it seems to me, is an exception.
he was just evil, but not a religious hypocrite.

bush is evil AND a religious hypocrite.

clinton, on the other hand, was a fool. but he was not PREDOMINANTLY a fool, as you and most republicans try to portray him.
get over it.
his major failing was his love of sex, NOT his love of power and money at the expense of the american people.
this whole obsession you and others have with taxes and other folk's private lives and personal business is just nuts.
people are starving. people young and old are dying from lack of proper medical care.
young people are not getting educated because of bigotted distribution of school aid, backed by a racist court cloaked "strict construction" when in reality, they are judicial activists of the worst kind, and i could go on and on.

what WOULD jesus do?

well, sure as hell NOT what bush/cheney are doing, i can guarantee THAT.

true jesus fans would, without qualm, see that all people, REAGARDLESS of whether they speak english of not, have adequate essentials.
look around you. see any excess? in some religious circles [in the u.s. even], EXCESS is considered sinful.
imagine that!
got more than you need? share it with those who don't, and who need it more.
that's what mother theresa did.
she didn't demand to see a green card. she just saw need, and did something to reduce it.
THAT'S what jesus would do.

and if you haven't figured out that THAT is what i despise about modern organized religion, then you haven't been reading me very carefully.

i need more coffee.
and as always, thanks for reading, thinking, and posting.

Anonymous said...

If your concerned with the Bush administration and pay offs or the big contracts for Halliburton then you would be a hypocrite for supporting Clinton. Remember Whitewater.

Pete Basso said...

I like how you said "Clinton was a fool, on the other hand, was not predominately a fool" Does that even make sense?

Do you NOT think I'm against anyone trying to use God for a purpose that is less than holy? I'm not for everything Pres Bush does or says. I'm my own person and can formulate my own opinions mutually exclusive of Pres Bush.

My only point to yours is are as much a hypocrit as he is for the way you single out the bad in Christians and Republicans but fail to mention the overwhelming good things, (that Christians do). Your views are myopic, narrow in focus and sprinkled with hatred and anomosity.

By the way, in your world Jesus isn't real so how would you know what he'd do? Just a question?

On a more local topic...good luck in tomorrow's race. It's gonna be a hot one and I hope your many months of hard training carries through to the race. Sounds like there will be a ton of people from all over there to race. See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Normally I wouldnt get into this, but there are a few holes here kim. There is a reason halliburton gets these massive no bid contracts, they are the only global company with the infrastructure large enough to handle massive multibillion dollar operations in multiple companies. Halliburton itself does very little. It is kinda like a big recruiter. Saying it is all halliburton's fault is kinda like saying the recruiter makes the soldier......

yes i agree with you that our system of politics is essentially broken, but if you look at it from the perspective of a non participant, you will see that there are just as many dishonest, immoral people on both sides of the political spectrum...

now if you want someone who did great good for his country before he went off the wall, look at hitler. He brought his country out of the shithole in what, 3 years before he instigated ww2. his personal vendetta against people different than himself notwithstanding, he did a pretty good job at what he did.

in regards to the whole religion aspect of your blog... to each his own...

Last thing, I realize that pete, nor any other republican is going
to change your views, just like you should realize that you arent going to change theirs.

Anonymous said...

and i am a different anynomous than the other one...

Richard said...

Anynomous number are wrong, hitler did not bring his country out of the "shithole"

the nazi economy was totally dependent on foreign resources, and therefore, not really all that strong, as the technology market did not yet exist as a way to judge an economies strength.