Thursday, July 19, 2007


in today's edition, the des moines register
calls me "stupid" for not wearing a helmet when i ride my bicycle.
while long the subject debate and concern,
i resent the register choosing to single me out,
while not using the same editorial page space to refer to
their bare-headed harley-driving pals [and advertisers] as the same.
THEY spend 30k+ for shiny machines that hurtle along at 100+ mph
[not that there's anything wrong with that],
and I'M stupid?
governor culver recently signed a bill making it a crime
for big bullies to pick on little guys like me.
think i'll mention that to chet when we chat.


Jeff Bratz said...

I don't think it is smart to not wear a helmet, however; it isn't my place to make that decision for you. If you elect to scramble your gourd-your choice not mine-this is the beauty of freedom in our country.

What I have a problem with is the Reg faux concern with cyclist safety.

Here is my reply to their editorial"-jeff
How about the idea that the editor of the DM Register has no duty to research facts about bike safety! Last weeks article by LJ Philliips, Chief of Police Waukee, was chock full o' wrong info, but the register "stupidly" printed it, while pretending to be concerned with cyclist safety!

So DM Register editors are you, or are you not concerned with bicyclist safety? You refuse to research facts prior to printing them but print them as fact, yet call someone else "stupid" while engaging in your own stupidity-brilliant!

Hey by the way, since you are so passionate about cyclist safety where is that hard hitting investigation into cyclist safety and the prosecturial apathy in re: motorists hitting cyclists? Where are you articles encouraging motorists not to be "stupid" and share the roads with cyclists. WHere is that article discussing the impact of Senate File 2267?

DM Register please be intelletually honest-you aren't concerned with cyclist safety, heck you aren't concerned about cyclists...unless it is RAGBRAI.

Mistress Julie said...

You know Rev, you could always just write in to the editor of the Register and use one of my personal favorite sayings which sums it up perfectly:

"Go fuck yourself."

Nuff said.

S.Fuller said...

I left my fairly non-inflamatory 2 cents worth in the comments section as well. Me, I wear a helmet. I don't care what other people do as long as they take responsibility for the results of their actions. I don't see The Reverend running off to file a lawsuit against the county for not making the roads softer against impact, or against his bike manufacturer for not making their bikes 'CoonFlip-proof. That's all I can ask for.

the mostly reverend said...

i suspect i'd feel a bit better if i HAD fallen right on the fucking raccoon, i suspect, the dodgy little bastard.
but i'm not suing anybody...
at least not yet.
unless i find out that coon is someone's PET! YEAH!!!