Tuesday, July 24, 2007

babies, orphans, & other creatures

news flash: vino busted, astana out of tour. WTF???
. . . . .
quote du jour:
McQuaid refused to make any statement on the matter
until probably the B sample had been tested.
"I can't comment on it. We have to follow the rules," said the Irishman,
who like predecessor Hein Verbruggen has now seen a team pull out of
the world's most famous cycling race over a drugs scandal -
-Festina having been kicked off the Tour in 1998.
. . . . .
but on another topic . . .
babies & orphans
there might be another one added to the west family shrub today.
we've been calling it "thing 2"
it will be a gender surprise.
i might miss the ride tonight,
as i had been hoping to hang with the women,
following my disastrous ride on the coonville loop.
[NOTE: thing2 is now scheduled to arrive thursday]

these little guys will be back in iowa by the time you read this.
if they ride bikes in northwest iowa someday dressed like this,
i hope they have my number in their cell phones.

nyla does beyonce. she does a mean diddy, too.
words and moves. no wardrobe malfunctions yet.
maybe she disdains k-fed as much as i.

my latest addition, dmitri.
a delightful little laid-back trip.
. . . . .
as my orphans create--and encounter--little orphans of their own,
they are learning the joys, sorrows, and tribulations of passing along
the choice kernels of wisdom they were given so many years ago
under similar and different circumstances of their own creation.
i find it immeasurably rewarding, believe me.
can i get an amen?

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