Sunday, July 15, 2007

R.I.P, j. homer bedloe

the hooterville cannonball forever will run unfettered.
it just won't be the same.
. . . . .
charactor actor charles lane died this past week,
at the age of 102.
if you've seen a movie, or watched any television since 1931,
you've seen this man.
he's been in over 250 films,
and hundreds of television shows and series,
either as just a cameo, or as a recurring character.
j. homer bedlow, v.p. of the c. & f.w. railroad,
who forever was trying to leave the valley without its trains,
was one of my favorite of his many familiar roles.
want to know what a busy person does?
read his filmography. it's impressive.
his career stretched from 1931 throught 2006,
and included these gems:
dennis the menace, i love lucy, mr. smith goes to washington,
arsenic and old lace, and it's a wonderful life.
he was 101 in his last role.
as one fan said,
"he looked 102 fifty years ago."
his was a life well-lived.
he and his wife of 70 years [who died in 2002]
lived in the same house since 1946.
well done, homer.

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