Sunday, July 15, 2007

things that amaze me, and thanks!

as i sit here, drinking coffee and icing my hip,
hoping the knot continues to reduce from grapefruit-sized
through [now] lemon-sized to completely gone,
i have had a chance to view data about you,
the folks who visit and read "today's sermonette."
first of all, as always, thanks for reading,
and for those of you who choose to respond,
whether anonymously or otherwise,
i truly am grateful for the parts you play in
an on-going and growing conversation in a variety of topics.
but i am really amazed at your locations!
regular visitors from germany, denmark, belgium, india,
australia, china, saudi arabia, france, great britain,
canada, mexico, and most of the states.
it really blows me away, and i humbly say "thanks."
and i don't do "public humbles" very often.
ask anyone who knows me!


the mostly reverend said...

something ELSE that amazes me is a globe -gif that spins perfectly in "my pictures" file but then DOESN'T spin when i post it to this blog.

i just thought it would be a nice touch, which, of course, it would have been.
remember the cop car with the flashing lights last month? THAT was a -gif. worked without any issues.

go figure.

oh well, use your imaginations, until someone offers to explain to me what the problem might be.

Bart said...

You know what they say about the mighty humble bumble, "Bumbles bounce!" Yukon Conrnelius '64.