Tuesday, July 31, 2007

happy birthday, jerry!

65, man. far out, jerry.
the wall of sound. nothing like it. definitely NOT a buzzkill.
amazed the hell out of me first time i experienced it.

with the grateful dead, san francisco, may, 1969
this was jerry when i first saw the band.

what a wild and crazy guy.
killer bluegrass player, too.

the way many folks will remember jerry . . .
deep in musical thought.

although this is more in my recollection.
. . . . .
i loved the grateful dead.
perhaps not surprisingly, the dead played a bit of a formative role in my adolescence, along with the beatles, elvis, sam & dave, sam cooke, paul butterfield, the allman brothers band, and a whole bunch of old blues players. i never considered myself a deadhead; i didn't see them hundreds of times, nor even dozens of times. but i did see them lots of times. i made it a point to skip important events to see the dead. we had good times, jerry and i. saw them a couple times with my brother, who was kind of on the run at the time. special memories.
he died twelve years ago,
but more importantly, he was born 65 years ago.
for that, i am grateful.
and so is my young granddaughter.
soon, my young grandson will be grateful, too.
we miss ya, jerry.
thanks for all you've done for us.

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scott said...

That's odd. I also saw The Dead with my brother. He was not on the run at the time, but maybe he should have been? It was my only time seeing Jerry live and in person, and it was quite a treat.

Soldier Field -- 199ish??

We partook of all the 'festivities' that day, and my memories of the event are full of gaps, inconsistencies, and animated characters. However, I do remember that the music was first class and the atmosphere contagious.