Friday, July 20, 2007

counting down to 1201 am

plans are well underway for this evening's harry potter party
here at the orphanage.
the kids have been either updating costumes from LAST year's party,
or busily creating entirely NEW ones.
i am struggling to balance my recent head and body trauma with my desire
to be alert and in charge for the late-night revelry.
in years past, i'd don the dumbledore cape and hat,
and that would be that.
but now that albus is gone, i'm a-dither.
not only that, i envision a chemical battle between
caffeine and vicodin.

i imagine it will be another classic battle between
the forces of good and evil
as embodied by the presence of the final harry potter book
and the uncontrollable urge to sleep,
driven by my chronic narcolepsy.
i'll be fueled by:
zanzibar's french roast,
provigil [modafinil],
oh, and dozens of costumed screaming orphans.
. . . . .
. . . . .
and don't give it away!!!
. . . . . .
[the ending, that is! duh.]

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