Friday, July 20, 2007

from the mailbag

a regular reader [AND contributing editor, too!] writes:

I love your quote: "if you've never been hit by a car on your bike, it's because you aren't riding enough" Well, I think I've been riding enough.
While 5 blocks from my house on my way home from my ride today. I was track standing behind this black Escalade at a stop light. Light turns green, she doesn't go. I wait a second and right as I was about to go around her, she throws it into reverse and fucking plows into me. I'm fine and after I told her to go fuck herself, I was on my way. Must be tough to operate a vehicle. So many obstacles!

this reader was MUCH too nice, the orphans have voted. they indicated THEY would have surrounded and then tipped the escalade.

those little rascals!

[11:27 pm, cdt] note: i'm on my way to my little neighborhood bookstore, beaverdale books, to enjoy some refreshments, socialize with other fans, and pick up my copy of the final harry potter book. i promise not to disclose the ending, but unlike other books in the series, when i would read no more than 100 pages a day, i probably will read through the first time a bit more quickly.



the mostly reverend said...

by the way, my tracking intelligence tells me that i have harry potter fans from ALL OVER THE CRAZY WORLD reading me now.
some from places i don't even KNOW!
thanks for visiting, come back and tell me what you think of the book, but don't disclose, please, any vital secrets or endings.
and, as always, thanks for visiting, and thanks for commenting!

Ryoga said...

Yes, you do have fans reading from all over the world, Best Regards from Mexico :)

the mostly reverend said...

thanks! likewise, ryoga.

Anonymous said...

Hermione in a 3-way?

Anonymous said...

when does she turn 18?