Friday, July 20, 2007

"he who must not be named" to rule U.S.?

mixed emotions, and an ominous sign

no sooner had i clicked on "publish post"
for my harry potter post [see immediately below THIS one]
than did i heard on NPR that:
1--bush will be undergoing a colonoscopy tomorrow [glee];
2--at camp david [sounds like going to disneyland for a root canal];
3--he's gonna be put under [again, glee,
because we all know how "dangerous" that can be];
4--the 23d amendment will be invoked;
5--making CHENEY acting president [horrors!].
. . . . .
okay, i've had colonoscopies before. little bit of weed and wine,
the right lighting, good tunes, it's all right.
but they're gonna put that little bitch OUT?
look, this sleaze was AWOL from the fucking national guard
back when they really WERE weekend warriors.
couldn't even handle THAT.
i know folks who were in the guard back in the day.
my absent father was in the national guard back then,
further enhancing its "glamour" aspect. right.
so that little bitch dubya doesn't want to be around
when they put that little wire up his ass.
. . . . .
let me tell you,
there would be more folks lining up for THAT duty
than who volunteered to hang saddam.
i'd miss my own harry potter party tonight to "lend a hand"
for this procedure.
the orphans would not only understand,
they'd expect nothing less.
god bless them and their liberal viewpoints!
but to have that old-man shooting crusty bastard cheney
i mean, we all KNOW who's been pulling the strings,
along with karl, of course.
but it just makes me really worried for harry's fate.
voldemort is gonna kill harry!
i suddenly feel a lot less sleepy.


Pete Basso said...

Kim, I love your typical "liberal" style journalism. Your bring up the worthless topics, (see this post), while completely breezing over the most important topics that you should be covering; such as why the Democrats, in particular Nancy "Crazy Lips" Pelosi is siding with the Terrorists by pulling wording out of a bill that would protect Americans who alert the authorities that suspicious activities are taking place. Instead your more worried about Bush's A-Hole? Nice job..."fair and balanced"

the mostly reverend said...

i can't WAIT to see his results
on youtube!

bryan said...

stating an opinion isn't journalism. it's 'stating an opinion.'

the mostly reverend said...

of course, bryan, that's just your opinion,
unless you work for fox "news."

Sketchy McPencil said...


Saying Nancy Pelosi is "siding with the terrorists" is a little bit of a stretch. . .

Although you might be on to something. I bet she is working for the terrorists killer and being Speaker of the House is just a disguise.

Maybe you should stick to the chemicals and spas

In other news. I just saved 10% by switching to Geico. Woo-hoo!

the mostly reverend said...

10% of WHAT?

Pete Basso said...

He just saved 10% on his brain cells by not having to think too hard to have written that post...I think??

Bryan: Do you take everything you read so literal? Kim and I have been jousting like this for a couple of years now. Have you not been following? The point is that Kim states his negative opinion on the Christianity and Republicians, (Bush and Cheney mostly). When its time to really talk about something worthwhile like how Nancy Pelosi is single handedly siding with the terrorists by stripping this latest bill of it's proper language which protects our fellow Americans from getting sued by these suspicious wackos he chooses to talk about Bush's A-hole procedure...very intelligent writing. You clonies are brain washed side-winders who are the reason this country may fall in the future. Get some balls and stand up for what's right instead of what's always "fair".

Pete Basso said...

Hey Bryan, I re-read my post and it came off a little strong, my apologies. Upon reading it a second time it looks as if it is directed straight at you, it wasn't. It was directed at the bleeding heart liberals as a whole.