Monday, July 02, 2007

it's story time, boys and girls.

let's hear them:
post YOUR stories about dead cyclists in the comments section.
family member?
if the register won't publish them, then, by god, i will.
you tell it the way you feel it.
if you have photos of your friend you'd like to share,
send them to me at
and i'll publish them.
AND i'll follow up.
we WILL get these stories told.
but please, someone else start the ball rolling...
you haven't forgotten,
and neither should we.


Bart said...

Harold Lundgren, Dave Kagy, Chris Lillig, and Dan Bockenstedt, listed in order of their deaths. All good and close friends who's voices are missed in the peleton.


Mistress Julie said...

Hey Rev,

I'm getting more information starting the non-profit organization to help pay for cyclists who are hit by cars and need the $$ to help pay for hospital bills and god forbid-funerals... I'm thinking companies like TREK, Specialized, Maxxis...anyone who has anything to do with the cycling industry should donate to this fund. Think it would be a complete clusterfuck? I think it would be smart on their part to donate to such a cause... and Mistress Julie as the Executive Director would be perfect. You as my sidekick would be even better to help persuade them...

What say you?

the mostly reverend said...

i look forward to the board of directors meetings.

Barbara said...

July 4, 2000 is the day Carl Joseph Zach was killed during a race in Fox Point, WI.