Saturday, July 28, 2007

getting by is tough. . .

. . . no matter how many legs you have.
. . .
i visit many places as i paddle my raft around the series of tubes
that comprise this wondrous internets.
one of the more surprising places is a sighthound place.
"sighthounds" is the family of dogs that includes
my borzoi/greyhounds and staghound, and afghans, rhodesian ridgbacks, and the more common members, but worldwide, members claim a vast array of great sub-varieties of sighthounds, including many strains of salukis [mountain, desert and others], and incredible eastern european and asian breeds not seen in the west. these dogs--and one of the reasons i love them so--are hunters of animals much larger than they [wolves, deer, coyotes, and others], and do it with speed, agility, cunning, and intricate teamwork.
. . .
these hounds are survivors,
they do what they must to live, and yet, when with humans,
they are the most docile, loving and caring creatures i've ever known.
their enthusiasm and zest is either contagious,
or annoying as hell [if you are in great pain,
and just want to dizzily stagger to the kitchen for more drugs],
but they just want to be your friends.
. . .
now, i don't buy into a lot of this save the "dogs and cats" shit
[notwithstanding my earlier post about clicking on a site to make some other corporation give money to give money to animal shelters--which IS a great idea, so click above]
when real people are starving and dying and not getting needed medical attention,
but . . .
the above photo is rather compelling.
taken by a hound fancier in toledo, spain,
it shows a beautiful yet starving galga, an indigenous sighthound,
warily eying the photographer.
if you are familiar with these hounds,
you know the conflict the dog is experiencing:
to eat and survive, or to come over, interact, and be social.
its face shows the sadness of isolation and hunger,
yet it also shows the compassion and love they instinctive feel.
. . .
to watch these dogs run and romp is to see another species feel
the joy that i experience when i ride my a bike balls out.
gotta love that!

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