Wednesday, July 25, 2007

discovery wins 8th tour!

Rasmussen pulled out of Tour
Yellow jersey Michael Rasmussen (Rabobank) will not start
Stage 17 of the Tour de France Thursday morning.
Team manager Theo DeRooy has withdrawn the maillot jaune
from the Tour de France,
allegedly because Rasmussen lied to the Rabobank team
as to his true whereabouts when he missed his out of competition tests in June.
DeRooy will not withdraw the entire team,
but will allow the riders to choose to start the stage tomorrow.
please. disco!
don't fuck this up!!!
note: this is a good thing,
that the team is the entity making this decision,
not a governing body,
because it places ultimate responsibility on the body
to whom the cyclist owes first allegiance.
rabobank has fired him, as well it should.
thank goodness that the team has been pursuing this matter.
--typing as i listen to NPR--
ah, i missed this, but as he crossed the line today,
he was NOT surrounded by team members,
as they knew the eventuality at that time.
time to review the tapes.
grid help our sport.


the mostly reverend said...

by the way, check out boogerd's expression in this photo!

john said...

I'm still saying 9 wins for discovery. Man, I love this sport.

Bart said...

Lying about one's whereabouts or actions. Reminds me of the Bush administration not being open with the public let alone honest with themselves. Rumors of data-mining are now coming forth, I thought there had to be more going on with all the DOJ folks resigning and running.