Wednesday, July 04, 2007

july 4

i had the radio on this morning, listening to kuni-fm,
and morning edition, as i have for nearly, oh, 35+ years.
i heard this piece;
it was the reading of an indictment of a political leader
for high crimes and misdemeanors.
it was in reference to king george, i learned.
i marvel at the truth of it, and of the truism that goes
"the more things change, the more things stay the same."
its modern-day applicability is frightening.
please give it a listen.


ZadMan said...


This is, I think, the 20th time that NPR has done this. I look forward to it every year. However, they appear to have made one little change in the piece. In years past, they have closed with a quote from King George III's diary from the 4th of July 1776, "Nothing important happened today".

That said.... TJ could sure turn a phrase, eh?

Jeff C

the mostly reverend said...

truth, you speak. i think they said it was actually year nineteen, and, also, that deletion was because, if my memory serves [to which the answer is usually "no"] that he really didn't keep a diary, or that he just didn't have one for that day.

fuddle dee doo, eh wot?

and folks wondered why i renamed my new little dog:
--is "dmitri"
--was "george"
i just couldn't say his name without adding "little bastard" or such, and i didn't want the dog to have such a complex.
but as i have noted elsewhere, he IS the laziest puppy i've ever seen.
but he isn't dumb, pig-headed, and surrounded by evil incarnate.
is he?