Friday, July 13, 2007

what the mostly reverend has joined, let no one put asunder.

[above] the mostly reverend spreading the joy last weekend
[below] joining yet another couple in holy matrimony

last saturday, july 7, 2007,
was a special day for tens of thousands of couples of all ages,
not only across the country,
but around the globe as well.
on 7/7/7,
i officiated at a lovely outdoor wedding in indianola.
it really was quite an intimate setting,
despite four pairs of attendants, flower girl, and ring bearer.
mother nature had no small part,
as she tempered clear skies and highs in the mid-90s
with southwest winds of fifteen to twenty miles per hour.
the winds may have prevented the use of actual flame for unity candles,
but it only served to fan the flames of love between randy and shelly.
one of the mostly reverend's longer ceremonies,
it quite aptly ended at 707 pm,
whereupon the wedded couple, their attendants, and all family and guests
retreated indoors for an evening of food, refreshments, and song.
the mostly reverend boogied out
after the first round of congratulatory shots,
from which he wisely abstained,
choosing instead to focus on his preparations for
the next day's clear lake road race.
[see an earlier post, "yin and yang, even steven" for the race report]
. . . . .
as a reminder, the mostly reverend IS available for
weddings, vow renewals, civil unions,
as well as uncivil hitchin's and shotgun weddings.
. . . . .
i'm still batting 1.000!!
. . .
contact the mostly reverend
at the orphanage, capitol city, iowa,
for more information.
or just leave a comment in the comments section.


Mistress Julie said...

will you shotgun my wedding?

the mostly reverend said...

baby, you KNOW i will!

good to know you'll evetually go down on a blog! [one week later!]